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select T.*,FLD.name as section_name,U.company as company_name,U.city,U.delivery_region,U.level as u_level,U.is_pro,U.address,U.phone,U.fax,U.email,U.site, U.shop_url,ST.icon as cst_icon from ((catalog as T,users as U) left join folders as FLD on FLD.id=T.folder_id left join catalog_special_products as CST on T.id=CST.product_id left join catalog_special_types as ST on CST.special_type=ST.id) where T.activated=1 and T.visible=1 and U.id=T.created_by and U.level in ("admin","shop","shop_extra","pro") group by T.id order by U.level="pro" desc,price_desc┬žion=4